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Tommy’s dirty little secret Tommy/Kira | Annabelle Rose Adult Fanfiction tommy kira love sex stories

Kira and Tommy begin dreaming of each other doing all sorts of delicious things to each other. Soon dreams More in-depth version on my Archive of Our Own, link in story. . No matter how hard he drilled his sex into her, Kira begged for more. There was tenderness and love, warmth and comfort.

Tommy and kira are under a love spell with may cause them to have sex. Rated M. Rated: Fiction M - English - Friendship - Words: 1,555.

Conner sends Kira a single yellow rose because he is in love with her. The love story of Tommy and Kimberly comes into the open Everyone wants to hear the Mia and Jayden have sex during their Christmas party It's Christmas time in the.