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Buprenorphine with naloxone (Suboxone Sublingual Film) for opiate dependence - NPS MedicineWise suboxone film strips

Suboxone strips next to the Suboxone box Suboxone strips, also known as Suboxone film, is a form of Suboxone that's made into easily-dissolved strips that a.

Buprenorphine-with-naloxone sublingual film can be prescribed on the . sublingual film is a paper-thin, orange-coloured rectangular strip.

Buprenorphine—a partial opioid agonist with a "ceiling effect" that keeps effects from increasing past a certain dose. Naloxone—an opiate antagonist used to reverse or block the effects of opiates in someone's system. Subutex (now discontinued) contained buprenorphine only, while.